Suggested Critical Reading for Gatsby

Ronald Berman, The Great Gatsby and Modern Times, University of Illinois Press, 1994
→ Places the novel in the context of its time and place
Harold Bloom, ed., F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Modern Critical Interpretations, Chelsea House, 1986
→ A series of provocative and stimulating essays

Jeffrey Louis Decker, ‘Gatsby’s Pristine Dream: The Diminishment of the Self-Made Man in the Tribal Twenties’, Novel, Fall 1994, pp. 52–71
→ An essay which engages critically with issues of race raised by the novel

Scott Donaldson, ed., Critical Essays on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, G. K. Hall, 1984
→ An invaluable collection of key documents in the history of criticism of The Great Gatsby

Hugh Kenner, A Homemade World: The American Modernist Writers, Marion Boyars, 1977
→ A stimulating discussion by a major literary critic

A. Robert Lee, ed., Scott Fitzgerald: The Promises of Life, St Martin’s Press, 1989
→ Varied selection of new essays on F. Scott Fitzgerald and his work
Robert E. Long, The Achieving of The Great Gatsby: F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1920–25, Bucknell University Press, 1979
→ Primarily a study of literary influences, especially that of Joseph Conrad

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